Log splitter detent valve

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This log splitter detent valve is designed for firstly for 2 way splitters. When the shaft is let go it returns to neutral. We have two versions for this hydraulic splitter valve. The only difference is that the in and the out are reversed.

Single spool splitter valve, Open center.

· Max pressure rating: 3500 psi.

· Relief valve set at 2950 psi but is adjustable.

· Working ports 1/2” NPT.

· In/Out ports 3/4” NPT

hydraulic control log splitter detent valve for operating double acting cylinders. Common hydraulic valve for log splitter where the valve is mounted to the cylinder port. Pressure-release operated detent on return stroke with spool in, spring center on extend with spool out. Work Port B (retract port) closest to handle and work port A (extend port) farthest from handle.

This blos is released by china log splitter valves manufacturer - Ningbo Best Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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