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Hydraulic Log Splitting Valve

Type No.:LSV-A-95-N-21-7 The Pressure :3050psi rated. The flow:95l/min max. Oil port:3/4" NPT in/out Work ports: 1/2"NPT Pressure release detent puts valve in neutral once set pressure is attained. Integrated log splitter pressure relief valve factory...

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Log splitter detent valve

This log splitter detent valve is designed for firstly for 2 way splitters. When the shaft is let go it returns to neutral. We have two versions for this hydraulic splitter valve . The only difference is that the in and the out are reversed. Single spool...

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Log Splitter Valve, modifiable Detent.

This is the next generation in log splitter hydraulic valves.The detent is usually what wears out and causes valves to break down. This hydraulic log splitter valve allows user to adjust the kick out pressure to what they need and as detent balls and...

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